Andis Cemetery
Washington County, Virginia, USA  

Cemetery transcription and all photos 
by Valerie Boman and Debra Branigan, June 2007

      Note:  We are using the name "Andis Cemetery" to be consistent 
with the well-known book "High on a Windy Hill" by Catherine Sanders McConnell.   
Each person noted in Andis Cemetery in this book is listed below. 
If we were able to find their tombstone, there is an icon 
to the right of their name.


Directions:  From Abingdon, Virginia go northwest approximately 5 miles 
on Highway 19 to Rich Valley Road/700, then turn left (west) and go 
approximately 3.3 miles to Smith Creek Road. 
Turn right on Smith Creek Road and follow it north approximately 2.6 miles
until you reach 13455 Smith Creek Road.  
The cemetery is on the right - on the hill behind the house at this address.
It is on private property, so ask permission to access the cemetery.

Coordinates: N 36.757060 W 82.131744


This small, rural cemetery is comprised of approximately 25+ tombstones.
 It is located on hilly land, and is in average condition 
for a cemetery of its age and location. 
It is surrounded by a chain-link fence and gate.

Click on the icon to the right of each name to view tombstone photos.  

Please note the asterisks* after various names throughout the index.
* signifies that this particular person appears on our personal genealogy website, and is connected to our family. A great deal of information might be contained on our website for those particular people.  This website can be reached by going to the following site:

Andis, Henry N  * obituary

Andis, Johnathan D  *

Andis, Nancy J (Ingle)  *

Botts, Isaac 

Botts, Nora Pearl 

 Childers, Lillie Bell    

Cox, Amanda S 

* Cox, Billie Jo 

Cox, William H 

Cunningham, Hattie E  obituary

Cunningham, Joseph 

Cunningham, Joseph 

Cunningham, Lucy (Pippin) 

Fleenor, Elizabeth (Andis)   * obituary

Fleenor, Maggie (Andis)   * obituary

Fleenor, Robert E   * 

Gumm, Baker  *

Gumm, Lyda  *

Gumm, Nancy A  *

Gumm, W L  *

Hoss, George G  *

Hughes, Lura Mae  *

 * Ingle, Addie F  

* Ingle, Clinton W 
born 15 Apr 1901 Washington County, VA; died 16 Nov 1919; cause of death: cerebral tumor; 
son of M.E. Ingle (born VA) and Eliza Cunningham (born VA)   

Ingle, Gilbert M (see note below) - 15 Dec 1886 - 06 Apr 1964; 
son of Rev. Anthony H and Mary E Ingle. 

Note:  This is incorrect. Gilbert is not buried in Andis Cemetery.  He is buried next to his wife Isabelle 
in Ingle Cemetery, Washington County, Virginia. This information was related to us on 26 Sep, 2008 
by the granddaughter of Gilbert and Isabelle Ingle.

 * Ingle, Thomas H  

Owens, James W  *

Owens, Mary Alice  *

Price, Robert Newton  *

Rowe, Elisha   * 

Rowe, Eliza 

Rowe, Margaret (Williams)   *

Rowe, William Campbell   

Sproles, Susie F (Ingle) - 23 Jan 1881 - 01 Aug 1969; 
Susie, a Virginia native, was the daughter of Anthony and Mary E Ingle. 
She married Robert P Sproles. Their son was Albert F Sproles.

Talbert, Hagar  

Talbert, J C    

Talbert, Mamie (Thomas) 

Talbert, Manerva C - 19 Jan 1840 - 09 Oct 1912; age 72y, 8m, 12d; 
Manerva was married to William H Talbert. 
Children included: Laura, Charles T, Campbell, 
Mollie (married William P Pippin), Flora, and Lillie. 

Talbert, Nannie J   

Talbert, Paul E 

Talbert, Trigg C    

White, Edward Nelson  *

White, Fred  *

White, Henry Harrison  *

White, Josie Pearl  *

White, Mary F (Rowe)  *

various fieldstones and illegible markers  

* not listed in "High on a Windy Hill" index








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